Monday, March 15, 2010

Since When Did the Teen Years Start at 7?

As you all know (or most of you, anyway), I have two daughters. My oldest is 7.   if you ask her. Because, when you’re those 6 months totally count. But to me, she’s 7. And I’m the mom and the one talking right now, so she’s 7.

Elizabeth has always (ALWAYS!) been a very very good girl. My mom laughs because even when she was a baby, she (Mom) would tell me how good she (Elizabeth) was, and I always acted like it was because of something I did. Then I had another baby and reality hit. Anyway, Elizabeth was just born as a good little girl.

Then, the 2nd grade happened.

What started out as sly eye rolling and quiet sighs has turned into the obvious eye rolling and loud heavy sighs when faced with some completely out of line request from Mom and/or Dad. That, or her looking at me like I am just…..well, STUPID. Even when I’m not doing anything* STUPID.

*Now, I realize that my definition of stupid is probably completely different from Elizabeth’s, so I do try to act “normal” when we’re around other people. And I think I’m doing an OK job because I have actually only gotten the “you’re so stupid” look at home.

Anyway, because Elizabeth has always been such a good kid, I started asking other people I know: “Does/Did your 7-8 year old act like a completely different person now?”. I was curious to know if it was just me, or if it’s something that happens to all kids, like pimples and crushes.

Turns out:  pretty much everyone I know who has (or has had) a kid Elizabeth's age says the same things:  "My kid has such an attitude now!"......."Yeah, he/she treats me like I'm an idiot sometimes".....and "Oh yeah.  Been there done that".

How come I don't remember any of this from when I was 7?  I mean, I can TOTALLY remember 1976 - I mean it WAS our country's 200th birthday that year.  But I cannot for the life of me remember.  So, I'm pretty sure I never acted like that.  Right Mom?

So......the teen years have arrived much sooner than I ever anticipated.  And the good news is:  I have another daughter who's going to be 7 in 2 ½ short years. 


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Michelle Pixie said...

It's nice to know it’s not just my child! Grrrr! The sass! The two of us finally sat down and had a very long talk about how much I respect her and how I really hope she respects me and how I would really love to be treated and how she would love to be treated and we hugged and made a pact to be kind to one another. So far so good! But *sigh* I know what you mean and I have TWO more to follow! :D