Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So.  I went back to the eye doctor today.  I picked up my new and corrected right eye contact lens last night and it just wasn't "right".  As I was sitting, waiting my turn to see the doctor, I saw this happen:

Man sitting in customer chair at desk:  "Whether or not it's the reciept you "need" (he used his finger quotation marks), it's a receipt and you'd better make it work!"

Lady working at the eye glasses place:  "Well, I understand what you're saying, and our system here doesn't need the other receipt, but the other system does because it goes by the bar code on the receipt.  Give me a minute and let me see if I can pull it up out of the register."

At this point I think to myself:  Thank goodness I don't have to deal with people like that anymore.  They are so MEAN!

The woman working was back at the register for a while and then comes back......

Lady:  "I can't get past needing the barcode on the receipt that you don't have - all it will let me do is issue a store gift card."


Lady:  "How did you pay for the glasses?"

Man:  "I used my flex benefits debit card."

Well.......and this is where the hmmmm part comes from, and my question of the day:

If you pay for something with your flex benefits debit card, and then get CASH back for something that you are returning, isn't that something like, oh maybe INSURANCE FRAUD?

I mean - if you have money in your flex account that you've earned without paying taxes on it....and then buy something with it that qualifies as a health item (like glasses), and then return that item and get cash back, you can technically buy ANYTHING with that cash.  Like a CD.  Or a new shirt.  Or anything else that is not health related.  How is that OK?

After much going around, the woman working called a manager, who came and got the guy a gift card, and then refunded the gift card for cash, and gave the man the cash he wanted.  I don't know if it was $3 or $300, but either way, I am very much bothered by this.

I know that people do things every day that are bad, wrong and just plain illegal, but when I see it happening I get really upset.

So, what do I do?  Forget about it?  Write a letter to the store?  Realize that there are some dishonest people out there and move on with my life?



Michelle Pixie said...

This really makes me mad! Because it is the rest of us who are using our benefits cards the way they are meant for that are being punished! I swear after almost every single use my card is frozen and I have to submit a receipt in order to unfreeze it?! The only place that I am able to use it is at the doctor’s office or the pharmacy can't they see what/where the charge is and know that we are using it the way it is meant to be used. I think it falls on the responsibility of the store. They are the ones that basically became a bank for this man and they should have told him they would only give him a gift card or submitted a refund to the benefit card but should have never handed him cash!! Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that brings back aweful memories.