Thursday, April 22, 2010

Checking In

Hello, hello world of the internet!

Just a quick check in during this, one of the busiest weeks of the decade.

So......I have survived the First Communion Retreat (while having to endure only two arguments - one about where people would sit during the mass, and the other from a dad who was mad that he couldn't take any flash pictures during the mass).

I have survived work.

I have survived Science Night at school

And....I am still in the middle of my interviews.  Today I had to do a presentation on myself and then I had three interviews.  I also have two more interviews on Monday.  At first I was really bummed out that the agony wouldn't be over in one day, but I'm sort of glad now because after today I have a very good idea about the types of questions I'll be asked and I have the weekend to come up with some awesome answers. 

Oh, and Greg "broke" his foot.  I say "broke" because after looking at the X-Ray for a while, the doctor thinks that the break they saw might actually be an old break that didn't heal properly.  But of course, Greg was like "well, as far as I'm aware, I haven't ever broken my foot".  Whatever the case, he's got this "post-surgical boot" thing on, and he's got crutches.

So, only four more days of running around with my  head cut off, and worrying about how to answer questions like this:

"Tell me about a time that you had to make a quick decision without having any background information on the situation.".

Good times, my friends.  Good times.


Michelle Pixie said...

Glad to hear you are surviving! Hate interview questions...I swear there is some bored little man sitting in a room thinking of the most off the wall crap to say. I am sure you are sailing through fantastically though!! =)

Type A Chronicles said...

I SO hate those damn interview questions... tell me about a time.... exactly what our HR dept. does....