Sunday, April 18, 2010

How To Be Expelled From School

The following is a guide on how to be expelled from school, Grade 2.

1.  Eat lunch and then head to the playground for recess.
2.  Chase two girls around the playground (because,'re in 2nd grade - that's what you do).
3.  Let things get a little out of control and grab one of the girls' sweatshirt hoods.
4.  Give up on the sweatshirt hood and grab the other girl that you were chasing.  Put your arm around her neck.  When she tells you "Stop it - it hurts", decide that it would be a good idea to try and choke her.  She cannot breathe or talk while you do this.
5.  When another child sees what's happening and runs up to you and says "Stop it!   Leave her alone!", stop choking the girl and punch the other child.  And knock one of his teeth out.
6.  Bell rings.  Go inside.
7.  When other students tell the teacher what happened on the playground, admit to everything.
8.  Be informed that you are no longer welcome at the school.
9.  Clean out locker, leave.

Elizabeth is in the 2nd grade, and one of the kids in her class was expelled from school Friday for the above incident.

On one hand, I am shocked that someone in the 2nd Grade would ever do anything that warranted getting expelled from school, but on the other hand, I am very glad that the school handled the situation the way that they did.

How do you tell 7 and 8 year olds that it's OK to lose control, it's OK to try and hurt someone and that is's OK to actually hurt someone?


I am not glad that Elizabeth saw that stuff happen.  I'm really not glad that someone got choked and someone else got punched and lost a tooth.  I know these kids - and that's not cool.

But, I am REALLY glad that everyone knows what happened, and that everyone knows what will happen to them if they ever try something like that.

Thank you, school.


Michelle Pixie said...

I am still dumbfounded that he thought all of this was okay? All I kept thinking was what is going on at home for this poor child to be acting like this? Someone allows him to behave like this! A very teachable moment for every one.

Foursons said...

Who got expelled? The kid that was choking or the kid who was defending the girl and knocked a tooth out?

Jodi Thornton said...

The kid that did the choking and punching. Not the kid who was defending, thank goodness. I hope they actually praised him for trying to help!