Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dog. Day 4.

Trixie has been our dog, and lived at our house, for 4 days now. 

After a somewhat rough start (I admit - by the end of the 2nd day I was like "uh oh"), things are starting to settle in.

A short recap:

Day 1:  We adopt our new dog, Trixie.  I do NOT like the name Trixie, but she actually knows her name, so I think we're stuck with it.

The Good:  Trixie is very friendly and the kids looooove her.
The Bad:  Trixie and Quinn don't really like each other.
The Ugly:  Trixie pees on my living room rug.

Day 2:  After sleeping for about 2 hours last night because Trixie won't stay off the bed and I'm terrified that she will pee somewhere else, we take her to my mom's for Easter.  She's really good.  And we finally hear her bark.  And after the horrible night before, I buy her a huge dog pillow to sleep on.

The Good:  Trixie is doing well with the new leash we bought her.
The Bad:  Trixie does NOT like her cage, which is unfortunate, since she will spend her days in it while we're at work.
The Ugly:  Trixie poops on the stairs.

Day 3:  Trixie slept all night (she likes her pillow!), but I did not because I was terrified that she would poop somewhere else.  She actually does very well in her cage, and gets a short break at lunch when Greg comes home to take her out. 

The Good:  Trixie likes to learn and I think she'll do well learning commands and manners.
The Bad:  Trixie likes to jump on people when she first sees them.
The Ugly:  No ugly today!

Day 4:  Trixie seems to be settling (did I spell that right?) in with our family.  She's doing well in her cage during the day, and loves to play when we're home.  She likes trash, so we have to be careful about letting it get to high (she'll grab it out).  And, we all made it out of the house on time this morning - we are handling our new routine pretty well!

The Good:  Trixie is not afraid of thunderstorms and lightening.  Whew!
The Bad:  Trixie is really getting into jumping on people.  I am trying the knee in the chest tactic and I think she'll catch on pretty quickly.
The Ugly:  No ugly today!


On a completely unrelated note, I got tagged in a photo game, but haven't had time to fninsh the post yet.  I should have it up tomorrow.


On another completely unrelated note, I mentioned last week that I interviewed for a new position (within the company I work at).  I went into it knowing that I would not be hired - I was not really qualified, but I wanted to go through the process because it's pretty rigorous (did I spell THAT right?  Man.....I am not with it tonight) and I wanted to know what to expect for the next time.  Plus, we haven't been hiring for about a year, and now that we are, I figure something will come along sooner or later.

Well, it was sooner because there's now another position that's been posted that I DO think I'm quite qualified for.  But after my last experience, I'm not sure I want to suffer through it again so soon.  I need to decide by Friday.........


Lastly:  I am watching American Idol for the first time in about 3 years (really!) and just saw some young blonde girl sing.....and I think she's missing a tooth?  What the heck?

OK.  Off to check in on what others are doing on the internet and then off to bed!

Happy Trails............


Michelle Pixie said...

Glad to hear things are getting better with the Trixie. :-)

Go for the job...You might regret it later and that would be worse then what you may be putting yourself through! ;-)

Foursons said...

Hahaha- that girl with the missing tooth has a good chance of winning the whole thing!

Glad Trixie is settling in. My dog jumps too and it drives me nuts. I've never heard of the knee in the chest thing, I'll have to try that. I just yell at my dog and he's learned not to jump on me. :D