Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank You Very Much

Well, it’s Thursday, and that means: FREE THERAPY DAY! Yes folks, that’s right,  after an unavoidable haitus, it’s Thank You Very Much Thursday. And let me tell you, after the week I’ve had, I totally need therapy.

When you’re done listening to what I have to be thankful for, head on over to KMama’s to read everyone else’s Thank You’s!

To Trixie, my new dog:

Thank you very much for already knowing your name. Because Trixie is about my least favorite pet name in the world (no offense to anyone who does like the name Trixie – I just don’t happen to like it). And now, I will be saying it multiple times daily for the next 10 or so years.

Thank you very much for being the type of dog who slobbers and pants. A lot.

Thank you very much for escaping today as I was on my way out the door to carry all of our stuff to the car. It was great chasing you all over the wet yard in my high heels. Please make sure you do that again real soon, OK?

Thank you very much for jumping on the couch this morning, and then when realizing that there was an unattended glass of milk on the coffee table deciding that standing with your back legs on the couch and your front legs on the coffee table while drinking the milk was a good idea.

Thank you very much for jumping on me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. you see me when more than an hour has gone by since our last encounter.

Well, I think that’s enough Trixie for one day……remember to run (don’t walk!) over to KMama’s for more Thank You’s!

Happy Thursday!


Kmama said...

Thank you for linking up!

LOL at the name Trixie. It just reminds me of cereal.

I remember when we got our boxer, Zoey. I was pregnant with Buddy and Zoey cried all night long that first night. I cried too and wondered, "What the hell did we do?" Thankfully it worked out.

She's cute though (I scrolled back to see pics).

Foursons said...

We didn't get to name our dog either. My boys were disappointed by that. Although I do like the name Rocco.

Sounds like you've got a character on your hands! They're the best kinds of dogs, just a lot of work too!

Michelle Pixie said...

Thank you Tixie for giving me a good laugh tonight and giving me a good reminder of why a dog for me right now is not a great idea! Maybe you could call her Pixie!! ;-)