Monday, May 17, 2010


How've you been?  Me?  I'm hanging in there.  Been busy, as usual.

So, I went and got my hair cut tonight.  I actually wanted to get Alexandra's hair cut because her preschool graduation is next week and she needed to have it done before then.  But I thought that I might as well get mine done too, while we were at it.

We headed out to the cheap place, like usual, and when we got there they told  us that it was going to be an hour and a half before they could get to us.

Hmmmmm.  Have you ever sat in one spot and not done anything for an hour and a half with a four year old?

We left.

I headed over to the other cheap place and when we pulled up, I saw about 10 people sitting in the waiting area.  We didn't even bother going in.

As we were driving to the mall, I passed an acutal salon....and since it was open, and there were no cars in front of it, we pulled up and went in.

Score!  They got us right in.  And let me say - I had forgotten how NICE it is to go to a real salon!  Nice as in:  They wash your hair for you!  With really yummy smelling shampoo!  And they dry your hair when they're done with it!  I might have to go back again, and soon!

In other exciting Thornton news, Elizabeth has crazy hair day at school tomorrow.  I will post pictures at some point, but to give you a hint, it involves strong hair gel, large flowers and some rubber bands.  And it was designed by Daddy because as Elizabeth said "Daddy does hair really terrible".

Trixie likes to eat toothpaste.

I took the girls to Old Navy on Sunday to get bathing suits.  They were playing some beachy sounding music and before I knew it, Alexandra was standing in the aisle doing a crazy hula dance and waving her arms around, totally oblivious to the people who were looking at her and laughing (in a nice way.....not mean).  It was quite hilarious, to say the least.

We got a new TV last week.

Hi Aunt Betty!

I saw the movie "The Lost Boys" for the first time this weekend.  I guessed that the mom's boyfriend was the head vampire.

Why is Johnny Depp so weird?

Don't let your husband let your four year old watch the movie "Jumanji".  It will scare her. 

I think that's it for tonight.

Talk to you soon!

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Michelle Pixie said...

Can't wait to see the hair!