Sunday, May 9, 2010

My New Lens

For Mother's Day, Greg and the girls totally suprised me with a new lens for my camera.

Wow!  I was NOT expecting anything like that at all and was quite excited when I saw the box.  And very impressed when Greg told me it was all Elizabeth's idea.

How did she get to be SO grown up?  I mean really - she's going to be 8 next month.  AHHH!

But, I digress.

So I got this lens - it's a wide angle lens.  Once I know what I'm doing with it, I'm sure I'll take some totally awesome pictures, but I didn't have too much of a chance to mess around with it today.  But so you can see what it does (captures a wider angle view of what you're looking at - hence the name, I guess!) here are a few pictures I managed to shoot today.

This is of the dogwood tree in my backyard; it looks mostly regular,
but see how big that front bloom is and how far away the fence looks?
The fence is really about two feet behind that front bloom.

This is a very exciting shot of the cooking island in my kitchen.  I
put it up because of the angle - it looks like I'm standing really far up
and shooting down.  I'm really just standing in my stocking feet, so
for those of you who know me, my face is almost level with the countertop.
OK....maybe not that close, but, I'm not tall at all, but the picture looks
like it.

This is looking out my front door.  Not a lot of angle to notice, but...
you can see a lot more of the neighborhood than you would
be able to with a different lens.

So there you have it - an utterly fascinating look at my new lens.  I know.....I're so excited you can barely contain yourselves.  Don't worry.  There will be more from where these came from, I'm sure.


On a related note:  Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there (I mean that in the literal, not obnoxious sense).  I hope that you had a wonderful day and were able to enjoy your children and families.

Thank you to my mom, for being a fantasic mom, friend and grandma......she still takes care of me now, even though I'm grown up, and she deserves the happiest Mother's Day ever.  I hope you enjoyed our time together today, Mom!

And thank you to Greg, for making me a mommy, and to Elizabeth for suffering through my learning to be a mommy, and to Alexandra, for letting me be a mommy one more time.  I love you all and I had a wonderful day.

Hugs and kisses everyone!  XO

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OOooo, a new lens is exciting!