Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Greg and I took the girls down to St. Jospeh yesterday so they could play in Lake Michigan.  I was a little worried that:  1) We would get there so late, it wouldn't be any fun; and 2) The water would be freeeeezing.

But, of course, like always, I worried for nothing and it WAS fun, and the water was NOT freeeeeeezing.  Yay!

For obvious reasons (well, maybe not to you, people that can't see me, but they are to me!), Mommy didn't wear a bathing suit, but instead stood just out of water's reach and took pictures.

So, we got there, stepped out of the car and turned our backs on Alexandra for about, oh, 11 seconds.  Then we turned around and saw this:

After getting her all cleaned up, it was time to head to the water.  Elizabeth can swim now, so she was brave and headed right out:

Alexandra, she mostly splashed:

One going one way and the other going another.  Makes for interesting supervision!


Mommy's artsy shots:

We do the feet thing every year.

Getting the freckles!

Alexandra feel asleep on the way home.  Greg dared me to stick my finger in her open mouth.  I did.  She didn't wake up.  And Elizabeth did stuff like this:

I know.  We are mean.  But it's all in good fun.  And plus, these are the pictures I will save and pull out at high school graduations and weddings. 

**On another note.  I edited all of the above photos with my trial version of Photoshop CS5.

Man.  I WISH I had $600 (or is it $700?) to spend on this!

I also downloaded the trial of Lightroom but have been too overwhelmed by CS5 to try that yet.  We'll get there.  And then I will wish for another $200 ($300?) to spend on that.

Happy Week Everyone!

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Michelle Pixie said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! I absolutely love that you didn't wear a suit so my kinda of girl! Have a great weekend!