Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Smokes!

Well, I know I ALWAYS say it, but dang! have I been busy!

Let's see......since we last talked, here's what's happened:

I've gone to obedience school twice with Trixie.  I was concerned that they were going to ask us to leave the first week, because Trixie does not enjoy meeting other dogs for the first time.  There was a lot of growling and standing up of the fur.  But, they didn't, and they even let us come back for the 2nd class.  She's doing alright; I've determined that she has two main "problems".  First, she jumps.  Second, if something catches her attention, she will NOT listen to me/Greg/anyone.  That is mostly an issue when she escapes and runs away.

Trixie has escaped and run away 3 times in the last two weeks.  Once with Greg, twice with me.  The 2nd time with me was through no fault of mine - she actually managed to crawl UNDER our fence and run off.  That problem has been solved, but she's no dummy and hangs around the area from which she escaped every time we let her out, looking for another way to break through.

I have been told by the people I work with that I need to write a book called "Bad Dog, Trixie" (you know, similar to "Bad Dog, Marley") because I have SO MANY stories about her.  When I mentioned this to Greg, he said "Hey, the people I work with told me the same thing!".  That tells me:  I tell good stories and also that I talk about my dog too much.

Alexandra graduated from preschool!!!!!  Our little girl will be a Young 5's student in the fall.  Oh, how the time flies people.  I JUST BROUGHT HER HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL!!  How did this happen?

Elizabeth found out who her 3rd grade teacher will be next year.  We got a letter in the mail today.  Of course, she didn't get the teacher she wanted.  But that happened for this year too and she seems pretty happy so, it all works out.  I did remind her though that the teacher she wanted teaches the advanced math class, so she'll have him for at least that time every day.  That promted her to tell me "I think I should be doing 3rd grade math next year because division is super hard".  That prompted me to tell her "Well, you've already done the 3rd grade math this year, so if you don't do 4th grade math next year,  you'll be really bored.  Plus, division is kind of hard until you get the hang of it, so you're right on track!".  Oddly enough, that did not seem to make a difference to her.

Elizabeth is going to be 8 YEARS OLD in 24 days.  Again, how did this happen?  She is having her party at one of the local theaters in town and we will be enjoying the movie "Toy Story 3".  I am a big fan of Toy Story and I think I might just be a little more excited than the birthday girl.  So anyway, since it's so close, there is a lot of talk about birthday gifts.  Of course.  Obviously, I have no idea what I am going to get her.  I need to wait until the last second to buy that.

I found an awesome new site to order pictures from:  They do professional printing, so it's a little more expensive (OK, it's a lot more expensive......Shutterfly is 15 cents for a 4X6 print...this place is 99 cents) but I'm super excited to see how the stuff I ordered turns out.  I track my shipment multiple times a day to see where it's at and was thrilled to find out that they were finally in Grand Rapids tonight.  Which means a couple of things:  1.  They should be here by Saturday, and 2.  The truck they came in on from Missouri probably drove (literally) right by where I live to take the prints an hour away and then bring them back again.  Crazy, I tell you.  Just crazy.

OK.  I guess that's enough boring stuff to bore you with. 

Oh!  We also went to the Memorial Day parade, the cemetary, had a cookout, bought me some new shoes to replace one of the (multiple) pairs that Trixie has chewed up, played tennis, gone to work and done a ton of laundry.

NOW I think I'm done.

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Michelle Pixie said...

Can't wait to hear how your prints turn out!

These babies grow way too fast! The party sounds like fun, I love Toy Story too.