Friday, June 4, 2010


Hola Friends!

I am sitting at the computer working on pictures and drinking a beer. 

What I SHOULD be doing:  laundry, cleaning the house, pricing and organizing the MASSIVE amounts of stuff I am supposed to be selling in our garage sale next weekend, sleeping.

But I'm not.

Not much new to report today......

Mom, I put the link to the photo blog back.  It's at the top of the page and it works, so you should be all set now.  :)

Below is a picture I took last (?) weekend of the girls in some masks my Aunt gave them:

The universe played some mean tricks on me this week.  Two people that I know passed away. 

My Uncle Ernie and my friend Al. 

Uncle Ernie lived a very long and happy life and even though it was his time, I feel very bad for my Aunt Rita - they were married for over 60 years!  Can you imagine?  I think she had time to prepare, but still, what a hard adjustment.

My friend Al was not old, and although he had been sick, it's still a hard thing.  He was one of the nicest, most helpful caring people I knew.  I will miss him.

In other Jodi news, "Operation skinny Healthy" is starting on Monday.  I say skinny healthy because I try to be really careful about what I say regarding weight around the girls - rather than telling them "Mommy needs to lose weight", I phrase it as "Mommy wants to be healthier" so that I don't create anorexic teenagers and give them crazy ideas about how women should look.  But anyway, I will fill you in more on "Operation skinny Healthy" once I have all the details in place.  But hopefully, it will make me go from looking like this: O to this I. 

Well, not REALLY like the letter O or I, but hopefully you know what I mean.  If not.....well.....hmmmm....I suppose I am just too clever for my own good.

Oh!  One more thing:  I got my prints back from, and the verdict:  LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE THEM!!!!!

If you're ever looking for really good prints I highly recommend using them.  Make sure to consider their special papers (the metallic one is awesome for bright colored shots!!!) even though it's extra.  Totally worth it!

OK.  I must go to bed now.  It's almost tomorrow.

Later my peeps!

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Michelle Pixie said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle and friend. :(

Glad to hear about mpix now I will have to check it out!

I love that picture of the girls!!