Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's (almost) Done

My crazy week is almost over.

The choir concerts are done, the funeral homes are done, the meetings after work are done.

And, school for Elizabeth is almost done too.  I'm excited about that, but not as excited as her.  She's already referring to herself as a 3rd grader.  How frightening is that?

I remember some stuff about kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, but 3rd grade?  I think I remember pretty much all of that, which means I had to be sort of old.  Which in turn means, Elizabeth is now sort of old.

Speaking of old, Alexandra asked me the other day when she could wear shoes like mine (they were high heels).  I said, "When you're as old as me".  She asked me how old I was and I said "40".  And then she said "Oh my goodness, you are OLD, woman!".

After recovering from the shock of hearing her say that, I gave her "The Look" and she looked appropriately ashamed of herself.  I told her we don't talk like that to grownups and then asked her where she heard that from.  Of course, it was one of the kids from daycare.  Jeesh.

What the heck, kid from daycare!  Quit teaching my kid to say funny, yet totally inappropriate phrases!

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Michelle Pixie said...

Hehehe! Diva just told me this weekend that when she is 18 she is going to have to start buying all of my clothes for me because I will be too old and probably in a wheelchair. Nice, Real Nice!!

*SIGH* Feather will be a third grader too and Diva a first grader...When did I get this old? ;-)