Friday, July 30, 2010

Before the Store, by Jodi

Last Saturday, our whole family went to the grocery store (well, not Trixie and Quinn....they're family too but they didn't come with us).

Typically, we don't all go because, well, it's somewhat of a pain if we all go.  Greg and I shop differently (he starts at the fruits and veggies and puts them on the bottom of the cart and they get all squished by the time he's done....I start on the correct end), Alexandra does not like to go which causes much heartache for everyone involved, and it takes FOREVER if we all go.

So last Saturday, I nominated Greg to go, and since Elizabeth likes to go, she was going to go with him.

Then!  As they were walking out the door, Alexandra decided she wanted to go too!

I actually had a couple of things I wanted to look for, so I somewhat stupidly said "Well, do you want me to come too and we'll all go?". 

Now, before you become afraid that you're going to have to read a really boring account of my trip, please be assured that you're not.  I would never do that to you, friends!  Just know that the pre-grocery store story I am going to tell you pretty much sums the entire trip.  And that you don't need to know anymore than that.

Anyway, after it was decided that we were all going to the store, I told the girls to go to the bathroom so we could avoid the middle-of-the-frozen-food-aisle-really-far-from-the-bathroom need to go potty.

Alexandra went into the bathroom and was there for a while, making me think she went potty.  I heard the flush, the door open, and Alexandra say "There's no more toilet paper!".  And then, "I didn't have to go, but I tried".

Yes, hindsight, the "no more toilet paper" and "I didn't have to go" comments should have clued me in.  But, they didn't.  What can I say?  I'm getting older.

So then Elizabeth went in.  And I put Trixie in her cage.

Then I heard the flush.

And then I heard "Oh, oh OH!  Oh no!  Daddy!  The WATER!!!!" and then I heard water splashing all over the floor.

I walked over to the bathroom to see what seemed like gallons of water rushing out of the toilet and onto the floor.  Hmmmmmm.

Knowing that we wouldn't be leaving soon I let Trixie out of her cage and went to get some towels to clean up.  Meanwhile, Alexandra was standing off to the side looking a little sheepish.

Perhaps it was becuase she had unrolled about a 1/4 full roll of TP and shoved it into the toilet and then flushed it, causing it to clog and overflow when the next person flushed?

We may never know.  But, that's what I am choosing to believe.

And that is my before the store story.

The End.


Michelle Pixie said...

Bwa Ha Ha! I am sorry I don't mean to laugh but maybe it's because I have girls too but I totally know how the rest of the evening went! ;-)

Foursons said...

I have so totally been there!