Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is $*&^ a Swear Word?

A long time ago, in another life, I used to swear ALL.THE.TIME.  Really! 

I mostly did it at work.  Because 1).  It sucked there.  And 2).  Everyone else (bosses and company presidents included) swore, so it was OK to do it.

But I also did it at home, and when I was out and about.  So OK.  I guess I did it everywhere.

Anyway, then I went and had kids and I had to start watching what I was saying and try to be a good example and stuff.  Also, I started working at a real professional place where people don't typically swear and it's considered bad form to do so.

Well the other day, I was picking up the kids at the babysitter's and she asked if it was OK for them to watch the movie "Dr. Doolittle" because there were some swear words in it.  I asked what they were, she told me and I said "Sure....just don't call attention to it and they probably won't even realize what they're hearing".

Then, 1.5 minutes later, on our way to the car, Elizabeth says "Mom?  What's a swear word?"


I then launched into an explanation about swear words.  That they are words that grown ups use sometimes when they're frustrated or mad, and they aren't for kids to use.

Obviously, they wanted examples of swear words and kept asking "well, like WHAT is a swear word?". 

I was in the middle of silently working out in my head whether I should tell them one, like hell, when Elizabeth says:

"Is shit a swear word?"

Of course, I did what any parent would do:  I burst out laughing.

I mean, I know it's wrong and all, but when a kid swears?  Well, it's just a little funny.  I know it shouldn't be, but it is.

After I composed myself, I said "Yes, it is a swear word.  And where did you hear it at, anyway?"

Now, please know that even though I really try to watch what I say, it's a proven fact entirely possible that I have sworn in front of the kids at some point, so after asking her that, I thought "please God, don't let it be from me!"  Fortunately, it wasn't - it was from one of the other kids at daycare.  Whew.

We then had a conversation about what shit means (another word for poop, which was totally hilarious to them) and that they are not allowed to say it.  They both assured me that they do not and will not.

At least not when I'm around, right?


Foursons said...

My youngest says, "What the hell?" and has no idea it's bad. :)

Michelle Pixie said...

I don't know but I am of the mind set to save the no's for the big stuff. Not that my kids walk around talking like truckers but the more you make it taboo the more they will want to do it. I just had this talk with my girls last night and they hear me talk like a trucker constantly and I wouldn't be upset if it flew out of their mouth from time to time but they both told me they don't want to and that makes me happy. I guess my biggest thing is if they are going to use them just don't direct it at me!

Kelly said...

Ha! I would have bursted out laughing too!