Friday, July 2, 2010

In the Meantime.......

I's been a while.  But I promise!  I've been busy.  I should have some time to update this weekend.  I took today off work to get all the stuff I normally take care of on the weekends finished, and we have Monday off for the holiday, so I should have plenty of relaxation time between now and Tuesday (she says, snickering......).

But until then, here is a sampling of the pictures I took of the girls yesterday.  I have my name on them because I'm suddenly paranoid about seeing them elsewhere.  But it looks cool, too, I think.  Like I know what I'm doing or something!

Enjoy, and we'll talk soon.


Michelle Pixie said...

Breathtaking! What I wouldn't give to go on a photowalk with you!!

Kelly said...

Awesome pictures Jodi, I like your style, coloring, and of course your subjects, kids are beautiful! The pics look very professional!