Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bottom of the Barrel

Well, it's been a long 5 days since I've checked in, even though I know I said I'd have all sorts of time over my long weekend.  Ha!  If you remember though, I DID say "she said, snickering".  So none of us should be surprised that it's been so long.


The highlights:

  • We had a great 4th of July.  We went canoeing, we saw fireworks, we blew up some stuff (stiff, if you read my Facebook), cooked out, stayed up late, slept in late, drank some beer (Greg and I....not the girls) and relaxed.  It was AWESOME!
  • Trixie is.....well......Trixie.  In the last week she's eaten and/or chewed up a Barbie, some Polly Pockets, a frisbie, a sippy cup, and an ant hotel.  I had to call poison control about the ant hotel, but they said not to worry!  it would have been worse if she'd eaten the plastic (which she did not).  She also graduated from obedience (ha ha) school, dug a pretty massive hole almost all the way under our back fence and pooped in my mom's living room.
  • We watched a bunch of movies.  Dead Girl is bad.  Do not rent it.  Under any circumstances.  Hot Tub Time Machine was pretty cool.  I know it's wrong, but it was.
OK.  I think that's about it!  I know.....very very boring.  But that's me!  Boring and uneventful.

I'm gonna go watch some TV now.

Catch you later!

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