Sunday, July 11, 2010


Is "uninspired" a word?  Should it be "not inspired"? 

Whatever the case, that's me right now.

I haven't felt lately like I have anything interesting, or funny or entertaining to tell you all about.  Life is rolling along, nothing horrible happening, but nothing fantastic, either.

So I guess that's good, right?  But so.....boring.

I think more of the same will be on the plate for this coming week, which means I probably won't have too much to talk about.  I could try to do a carnival (where you link to another blog somewhere for something fun, like answering questions about yourself, or something like that), but that would require me to find one, and then think about it, and honestly?  Just not sure I'm up for that.

See?  Uninspired.  Or not inspired. 

I told you.

1 comment:

Michelle Pixie said...

Summer-itis I say! ;-)