Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Red Peppers and an Avacado

OK guys.  I know I talk about my dog a lot.  And I apologize about that.  But I mean, I can't help it.  She provides me with so many stories.  Really - my life would be way more boring sounding without her.

So, I made a run to the store last night to get conditioner (which, incidentally I forgot and had to go BACK for tonight) and bought some other stuff, too.  Some milk, some orange juice, some tomatoes, two red peppers (the bell kind - not the hot kind) and an avacado.  I got home and left the peppers and avacado on the counter.

Tonight, after getting back from the store (to buy the conditioner I forgot to buy last night), I put Alexandra to bed and then came to the basement to do laundry.  I ended up on the computer for a few minutes, and then finally went back upstairs to the kitchen to make my lunch for tomorrow.

Well, I'm at the counter, packing stuff up and I happen to look over at the peppers and avacado and notice that there's only one pepper left.  And Trixie won't stop following me around.

The following me around part isn't really unusual, but the fact that she kept sort of burping at me was, and I even said "Trixie, you are so gross".  But.....even then.....she's a dog and she does gross stuff.  Whatever, right?

Anyway, I see that there's only 1 pepper, so I call Greg and ask if he had cut it up for Elizabeth, and he of course was "Ummm.  No."  I sort of look around the kitchen, but don't see it anywhere.

Unconcerned, I went and sat down to watch TV.  After about 30 seconds, I hear the basket at the bottom of the stairs that I keep things in to carry up when I am too lazy to do it right away fall over.  I go to see what Trixie has stolen out of it and happen to see her at the top of the stairs, looking at me, with a Barbie doll in her mouth.

I do the "TRIXIE" loud whisper-yell thing and she runs into Elizabeth's room and hides under the bed.  I of course give chase, and manage to get the Barbie away from her before she can chew it up.

Then I take Barbie into Alexandra's room because it's hers, and that's when I see it:

A pile of seeds and a stem.

Yes.  Trixie had stolen my red pepper, taken it to Alexandra's room while I was surfing the internet and eaten all of it but the stem:

I pick the stem up to bring downstairs and photograph, and Trixie hid under my bed, because she knew she probably shouldn't have done that.

But you know what?  I say "Whatever Trixie.  You probably have a tummy ache now, but it's your own darn fault!".

So there (said the lady who will have to clean up after her dog who will probably throw up the red pepper she probably shouldn't have eaten).

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