Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blah Blah Blahblitty Blah

OK, so besides being so busy I can barely breathe, things have been uneventful.

Because I am too tired to be entertaining, but I know you are dying to hear about what's going on in my life so I will provide a helpful list for you!
  • I continued training this week for my new job.  I have pretty much no idea what I am doing, so that's cool.
  • I played tennis (mixed doubles with someone that I work with) in a tournament called The Corporate Cup on Saturday.  Unfortunately, we only got to play two matches because it started raining, but the good news is that we won the two matches we played.  Go us!
  • Greg played in a golf tournament this weekend, so he was gone all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • I had a work party last night at the home of one of the managers in my (old/current) department.   
  • I am going out of town Monday and Tuesday for work so I spent Sunday cleaning the house, getting things ready for school for the next 3 days and packing.
So now, I am sitting on the couch, typing this completly enthralling account of my week, drinking a beer and watching TV.  Multitasking at it's best.

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