Friday, September 24, 2010

Twelve Days

Well, since it's been twelve days since I have checked in, there probably aren't any people left to type this for, but I will so it anyway, just in case.

So.  What have I been up to?  Well, a lot, actually.  As a matter of fact, since school started, we have so much less time than we did before, it's amazing.  And I thought we were busy before.  But now?  Whew.

I am in the den, watching the movie "Rattle and Hum".  Ever seen it?  It's a film about the band U2 (my favorite band - EVAH).  I saw it like 11 times at the movies when it came out.  My friend Christine (also....roommate freshman year in college) and I cut class on the first Friday it was out and took the bus to the theater to go see it.  We went to the theater in Okemos, which is down the road from East Lansing.  Actually, I probably would have cut class anyway, since it was a Friday, and I was a freshman, but maybe not.  It was a long time ago, so my memory may not be the best. 

Elizabeth started CCD this week.  For those of you out there who are not Catholic, that's religous ed class.

Alexandra really likes school.  She had to stay home one day last week because she was sick.  I called her around lunch time that day and she said "Can I go back to school tomorrow?".  And then tonight, we were watching a movie before bed and she said "I wish I could go to school tomorrow".  I am quite happy, because I was super worried about her hating every single second of it.  But, I guess not, which is good since she has a few more years left.

Trixie is laying on the floor at my feet whining because I won't let her upstairs.  But I have banned her from unsupervised time upstairs because of what she did last night:  I was sitting downstairs watching TV and I kept hearing crashing sounds coming from upstairs.  I was ignoring them because I was watching the season premiere of The Office.  Finally, I couldn't ignore the sounds anymore so I went upstairs to find that she had pulled all the trash out of the bathroom trash can and Alexandra's trash can and flung kleenex and fluff (from a stuffed animal she had destroyed a few days earlier) everywhere.  Also, she had gotten into the toy bins in Elizabeth's room and chewed up a bunch of colored pencils, pens and tiny toy animals.  All I could do was laugh.  Because she's a menace.  For real - my dog is a menace. 

I am at my new desk at work.  I have "officially" started my new job.  I say "officially" because I started getting paid for the new job on September 1st, but didn't really start until Wednesday.  And I am now drowning in issues I don't know how to fix and 100 emails a day.  It's awesome!  Actually, I think once I figure out how to fix all the issues on my own without having to ask someone about every single one I will really like most of it.  Lots of problem solving and making things happen and very fast paced.  Which is what I said I wanted in the interview for the job, so I guess that makes it a good fit, right?

We (Greg and I) are playing in my company's golf outing tomorrow.  I haven't played golf in about 10 years.  I should totally suck.  Also, we drove out to the course last night, so we knew where it was, and I saw a dude playing without a shirt.  So, as you can see, it's a super classy course.  It should be a good time.

OK.  I think I am done for tonight.  I am going to drink a little beer and eat a couple of cheese pringles.  I know, they're gross, but they were there at Target when I ran in to get some milk and orange juice and I couldn't resist.

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