Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

So.  Do you remember earlier this summer, when Elizabeth lost a tooth and the tooth fairy forgot to come?  Go here if you're interested in rehashing that memory.

Well, obviously, I swore that I would never do THAT again, because what kind of horrible mother forgets the tooth fairy visit twice?  NOT ME.

And then, Elizabeth lost another tooth and I forgot again.

What.  The.  Hell.  Is.  Wrong.  With.  Me?????

Actually, I can answer that - it's called "as soon as my kids go to bed my brain stops working because I'm so tired that the moment I don't have to take care of other people I pass out on the couch and don't think about anything except for maybe what's on TV" syndrome. 

Some of you may have heard of it?  Or maybe also suffer from it?

Anyway, this morning while we were eating breakfast, Elizabeth disappeared for a while and returned, looking very disappointed.  She then announced, "She didn't come.  The tooth fairy didn't come". 

So, while I was at work, I concocted a scheme to make sure my baby wasn't disappointed for long.  That, and I paid her off. 

When Elizabeth got home, she found this letter in our mailbox:

**Sorry for the weird formatting of the letter; I am on my laptop, which has a tiny screen so I had to turn the letter into two separate pictures to be able to make it big enough to read**

So I know it's corny and all, but I'm here to say:  Elizabeth LOVED it.  That, and she got $5, which also made her happy.

I know some people don't believe in "lying" to their kids about the stuff like the Tooth Fairy, Santa, etc. but I am not one of them.  And I think it's a good thing to let Elizabeth believe in those things for as long as possible.  I don't think she needs to grow up too fast is all.

Happy Friday to you!

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Type A Chronicles said...

I LOVE IT... and how creative!!!!

Maybe we should start a new program where kids send their tooth in to the tooth fairy and then patiently wait for the return letter with payment?!?!?!? Then it can be taken care of during "mommy work hours" when our brains are working. I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU sister... as soon as the kid goes down to bed, I veg out in front of the tv like a zombie.... even when it's only 7:30!!!!!