Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Last Time......

We spent a few days at the lake last weekend with my mom and my aunt.  One more fun thing before the new school year started.

Fortunately for us, we only live about 45 minutes away from Lake Michigan, so it's not a big deal at all to go there often, even though we don't. 

Anyway, we took the girls and did all sorts of fun stuff:  splash park, the beach, a pier, lighthouses, children's museum, pizza, parks, hotel with bunk beds.......

We also saw some sunsets

Watched people fish (this is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend.....I just really like it!)

Looked at some lighthouses

Played on the beach

Left stuff laying around, just like at home

And stood around, while I took pictures like this

School starts one week from today, and summer will be over.  So it was nice for one last time.

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Foursons said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the last week of summer.