Saturday, January 29, 2011

the joy of love


I have recently discovered a cool photographer/blogger/mom/graphic designer type person out there in internetland.  Her website is and her name is Kelly Willette.

Anyway, I check her blog a few times a week, and I added her to Facebook, so one day I got this email, or notice, or whatever they're called, about a free "class" she was going to be offering for February.

It's called "The Joy of Love", and it starts on February 1st, and I'm super excited! 

Every day for the month of February, she will email a different prompt and/or assignments and there will be tutorials and/or some instruction included along with it.  Of course, in the way of my life, I am sure I'll miss or have to skip some here or there purely because I won't have time, but I think (?) I can go back if needed.  And did I mention it's free? 


Please expect purely professional looking stuff from me after I am done with this.  *Wink wink*

You can read about The Joy of Love here.

Happy loving!

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Foursons said...

Thank you! I just signed up!