Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Almost Mother's Day!

Tomorrow will mark the 8th year I have been a mommy.

Happy Mother's Day to me!

And also to all you other mothers out there.

In honor of our special day, I have taken the liberty to list my Top 8 Worst Mothering Moments.  I was going to do my Top 10, but could only think of 8.  Oh well........Enjoy!

8.  Accidentally letting Elizabeth fall down the stairs when she was about a year old.  All the way down.  She was fine.  Whew.
7.  Making Alexandra go to bed at 6pm one night because she refused to eat her dinner.  She fell right asleep, slept all night, and didn't seem to remember any of it in the morning.
6.  Laughing out loud when Elizabeth asked me if "shit" was a swear word.
5.  Forgetting to have the Tooth Fairy visit Elizabeth.  Not once, but TWICE.  It was necessary after the 2nd time to create a huge ruse - fake letter, extra money, etc. to keep her believing.  But it worked, so there.
4.  Yelling "Elizabeth" really loudly across a WalMart when I watched her almost walk into the men's bathroom.
3.  Letting Alexandra cry in her crib when she was a few months old at naptime because I figured she just didn't want to go to sleep.  When I went in to check on her later, after she was quiet, I discovered that the reason she had been crying was because her leg was stuck in between two slats.
2.  Continually calling Alexandra "Brown Leg" (a nickname I gave her after an incident with a brown marker) even though it really makes her mad. 
1.  Not relishing every single moment.....even the annoying and tiring ones.  Because I know now how fast it goes.

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!  Happy Mother's Day.

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