Friday, May 8, 2009

*You should see the other guy!

*I got that line from Daddy!

Alexandra had a bit of a mishap today at Pam's. I took her for the day, and before I left, Pam and I were standing in her front hallway talking when all of a sudden, Alexandra just fell down. I think her feet got tangled up, because she had been kind of dancing around us. She started crying right away, so I picked her up....I was just getting ready to ask her if she was OK when I looked at her face and got a bit worried - there was already a huge blue bruise, and a little cut right under her eye! After about a 1/2 hour she was all calmed down, but man....she looks rough! I'm not sure what she actually hit herself on, but I think she may have gotten herself with this little plastic ring she was wearing. I'm pretty sure by tomorrow she will be in full black eye mode (the 2nd time in her life, thank you very much). She says it doesn't hurt. :)

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