Sunday, September 20, 2009


Greg played in a golf tournament this weekend, so it's been pretty much just the girls and I during the day the last couple of days. Since the weather's been nice, it's been one's been cooped up inside which is always a HUGE help.

We went to see the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" yesterday with Grandma (totally cute! I recommend you go and see it. Two thumbs up from this girl!).

Today was church and the start of CCD for Elizabeth. Exciting year this CCD year - First Communion. Of course, Elizabeth is pretty much only excited about maybe getting a party and a pretty white dress, but I'm SURE she'll appreciate the significance of it soon*.

*By soon, I mean in about oh......20 years or so.

Anyway, after we got home, I decided that since I'm usually the type of Mom who says NO to pretty much everything, I would let the kids just kind of do whatever they wanted for the day. And to make it even better for them, I wasn't even going to drag them out on a boring shopping trip. Whoa! Could it get any better?

So after they'd dragged 1/2 their toys out to the yard and then brought them back in again (at my suggestion), they disappeared upstairs. I took advantage of the quiet time and sat down to look through the paper. Then, Elizabeth called me upstairs to look for Alexandra - she couldn't find her.

I wonder why?

I took a picture (of course!) and then went back downstairs to "relax" again.

After a bit, I started hearing large crashing sounds on the ceiling. But, there wasn't any crying following, so I just ignored it. Finally, Elizabeth called me to see what they were doing.

*yes, Alexandra is wearing stripe-y pants, and a stripe-y shirt with totally different colors. but remember: today was my day to not say NO, but to say YES!
Needless to say, there was a HUGE mess in the hall (all blankets and pillows in the house for jumping onto - the large crashing sounds) and in both of their bedrooms. I was unable to enter Elizabeth's room because of the stuff in the hall, but I just know it - it was messy.

Dad finally came home around dinner time and I escaped to the grocery store.
Fun times!

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