Saturday, November 28, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

I do realize that Thanksgiving was actually two days ago,'s been a rough week around here and I've been running late for just about everything since Monday.

I didn't have to work this week and had all sorts of PLANS for getting stuff done because I would be home alone for 4 of the 5 days!  But then.....well, you know.  Alexandra got sick, the babysitter needed Wednesday off, I forgot that she gets the day after Thanksgiving off and all of a sudden it's Saturday night and I'm sitting on the couch, typing and watching "Footloose".

And the stacks of  pictures I was going to organize are still piled up, the laundry still isn't put away, and my bedroom is still really dusty.

But, on happier notes:
  • We had a great Thanksgiving here (for the first time!) with Grandma, Aunt Betty and Uncle David. 
  • I got my bi weekly grocery shopping done Friday evening, and it wasn't even busy and they weren't out of anything!
  • I got to go rollerskating for the first time in, oh, about 32 years.  And the only time I fell down was when Elizabeth crashed into me and knocked me over.
  • I got the be in charge of Elizabeth's classroom Thanksgiving Feast when the mom who was supposed to be in charge didn't come.  It gave me a chance to boss a bunch (read:  more than 3) of people around all at once - something I haven't had the chance to do in a really long time.  And even better:  they all listened to me!
  • We put our Christmas decorations up.
So, even though it was a rough week, things were still pretty good.

I will be back to work on Monday, so I should be a lot more relaxed and have time to write more once that happens (As Greg said the other day:  "You need to go back to work so you can get some rest and time to yourself!").

Funny?  Maybe.

True?  Definately!

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Kmama said...

I'm sorry your little one was sick. My time off went too fast too!

LOL about the disco ball ornaments. They were my parents and Buddy loved them so my mom gave them to us (we have 2). They probably were from Bronners!!