Friday, November 20, 2009

When (My) Photos Go Wrong

As a lot of you know, I got a new camera for my birthday this year.


And, as some of you know, I am still learning how to use it.


Thanks to my mom (thanks, Mom - in a good way!), I like to take pictures.  A lot of them.  Especially once I had kids.  I had an OK 35mm point and shoot, and sometimes I would use the 2 megapixel (ooooo!) digital one I had for work. 

At some point, I bought a 35mm SLR.  Don't worry.  I had to look it up too.  But basically.....what you see in the viewfinder is pretty much what you'll get as your picture.  It was a Nikon N55.  Pretty basic, inexpensive, but it took very nice pictures.

A short time after buying the Nikon, I decided to buy a digital camera for myself.  So I picked one similar to the one I had used at work, only nicer.  Simple to use, but with some manual settings, and it was a 5 megapixel....WOW!  It was a Kodak, and it took some really nice pictures.  Like this one:

It also took some funny ones, like this one (notice the very determined look on Elizabeth's face as she's forcing Alexandra to look at the camera):

The Kodak served us well for a long time.

Then, because he's awesome, Greg bought me a brand spanking new digital SLR:  a Canon Rebel XS (I love it so much I have to type the name in bold and red to make sure you know how much I love it).

This camera takes some REALLY NICE PICTURES!

But, I have also discovered that unless you know what you're doing with it, it can go horribly wrong, very quickly.

Below are the most recent (over the past two weeks) examples of some of the horribly bad pictures I have been able to take with my Canon Rebel XS.


This is Elizabeth on Halloween.  I's so blurry that it's really hard to tell.  But it is.

This is Alexandra on her birthday yesterday, getting ready to blow out the candles on her cake.  No big deal that I missed this shot.  I mean, there will be plenty of other times that she turns 4 years old, right?

This is Quinn, our cat.  In my defense here, he kept moving.  I'm pretty sure that's why it's all blurry.


Moving along, this has got to be one of the best bad ones I've ever taken.

Now, I know this may look like a black box, but it's actually a picture of Alexandra at school a few weeks ago.  If you look really closely, you can probably see the flowery pants she's wearing*.

*Hint:  they're near the bottom of the picture.

I am pretty sure that I have two main issues:  shooting in low light does not work well for me right now.  And, I'm moving the Canon Rebel XS when I'm shooting.

I'm going to keep practicing though.  And one of these days, my Canon Rebel XS will worship me, rather than the other way around.

And I will be able to take pictures like this*:

*Thank you, Pioneer Woman for your free high res downloads!


Rachel said...

You know what's totally stinkin' funny? I have the same camera. And the same issue. I am totally stunted when it comes to learning to work with the settings!

And my pictures are blurry and worse.

And the kicker is that I totally recognized the Pioneer Woman shot before you credited it! How silly is that?!?!

When you figure it out, will you clue me in? :)

Traci said...

Okay, I love my Rebel XS too!!!! I have taken about 1000 pictures in the last month! Only five of those have turned out blurry.

One time the Autofocus got turned off and after two extremely blurry pics I figured it out. I don't know how that little button got switched, but it did. The other couple times it was because I clicked the shutter button to autofocus and then I changed the zoom. Even if you change the zoom a millimeter, you stil have to autofocus again.

I also took a couple of photos completely in the dark and I was amazed at how they turned out. It looked like daylight. Now, I haven't tried any pics like Pioneer Woman, but that looks amazing! Maybe someday.

Oh and the other thing I love is that my battery lasts forever. I took over 800 pictures on the first charge and it still had half the life when I charged it!! Wahoo!