Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Well, I am back, and boy, did I miss me!  I know you did too.  I mean, who wouldn't?

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share with you today because my camera has not been out of it's case since last Saturday, but do not fear.......I'll be back with more soon enough.

Now, because I know you're so very interested, let me update you on the last week of my (very exciting) life!

New Year's Eve:  We had our friends Pat and Meagan, and Kelly and Keith over after going out to dinner with them (the 6 of us see each other about once a year...on New Year's Eve).  Amazingly, I kept myself in check and did not have 65 beers to drink, but I did have a very good time playing Catchphrase.  I can't remember for sure, but I would guess that the girls beat the boys.  I'm just sayin.

New Year's Day:  We went to breakfast with my mom and the girls.....she had a sleepover with them the night before so we could act like grownups for an evening (see above).  That's about all that happened on New Year's Day.  Very quiet.  Very nice.

Saturday:  You's been too long.  I can't for the life of me remember what the heck we did last Saturday.  Wow.  I am getting old.

Sunday:  Woke up, and felt sort of cruddy.  Greg took the girls to his dad's, and I had all sorts of plans to get the house clean, but after a short trip to the store, I came home, layed on the couch, and stayed there for the next 36 hours. 

*For those of you who really know me, you know that throw up is, in the words of my friend Meagan, "my least favorite bodily fluid".  That being said, I avoid doing it myself pretty much AT ALL COSTS.  So, when I started throwing up.......I knew I was actually sick.

Monday:  Layed on the couch and slept.  All day.

Tuesday:  Decided to go into work.  My back was hurting from laying down for so long and I figured sitting at my desk would feel better.  As I was getting Alexandra ready to get in the car, the phone rang and it was Greg on the other end saying "I hit a deer".  Fortunately, he was able to drive his car home and neither he nor Elizabeth were hurt.  The front of his car looks awful, and apparently so did the deer, but it's fixable (the car.....Greg didn't have such high hopes for the deer.....).

Wednesday:  Not much to report this day.  Sorry.

Today:  I finally woke up feeling SO.MUCH.BETTER.  Yay!  However, poor Elizabeth seems to have picked up the cold I had.  Boo!  But, she's spending the night at one of her friend's houses on Saturday, so I'm sure the excitment of that will keep her moving.

So folks, that's been my (very exciting) life for the last week. 

Boo ya!

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Kmama said...

The girls always win when playing Catch Phrase, don't they??

I'm sorry you were sick, but glad you are feeling better now.

here's the link I used for my nav bar. it's really easy to follow, but takes some time.