Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh, For the Love of Pete.......

I was sick last Sunday and Monday.  Then I started to get a killer cold Tuesday, about 36 minutes after I arrived at work for the day.  I finally started feeling human on Thursday, but then got a last ditch "let's see how cruddy we can make our owner feel" from my body and couldn't breathe until this morning.  I was able to sleep with my mouth closed for the first time in about 3 nights last night.  My nose is disgusting looking - all dried out and red.

Then yesterday, Elizabeth was supposed to spend the night at a friend's house.....until she complained about feeling really cold (when it was quite comfortable in the house) and I took her temperature, which turned out to be almost 102.  By the end of the day, her slight cough had turned into something a bit more yuckky sounding, and today, she's getting the "I've been smoking for 42 years" sound about her.  She still has a fever.  Oh, she also broke out in hives today too.  Not sure where those came from?

So......I will be staying home with her tomorrow and taking her to the doctor.

I really really really hope this is it and no one else catches whatever it is that we've had (hint hint Alexandra).  Of course, I don't want Greg to get sick either, but  you's a lot easier on me if he's sick and not one of the kids.

Gotta be as selfish as possible, you know.

Meanwhile, I PROMISE that I'll have some more interesting stuff to post one of these days.

I can't wait until spring. 

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