Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank You Very Much 1/28/10

The Daily Dribbles

Schwew!  Finally!  I am back just in time for Thank You Very Much!  I apologize for missing a week (or two?  or three?) but you's been pretty busy lately.

Anyway, in case you don't remember, Thank You Very Much is a fun blog carnival hosted by Kmama at The Daily's a golden opportunity to genuinely sarcastically  thank those people that have recently annoyed you, made you mad and generally incurred your wrath.

Once you're done reading my thank you's, head over to Kmama's to see what other annoyances have befallen her and her readers!

  • To my iPod.  For only working properly only when you feel like it, and not all the time, like I want you to.....Thank You Very Much!
  • To Blogger.  For automatically saving my posts every 16 seconds, which causes the screen to refresh back to the top of my post and makes me have to stop and move the cursor to the spot I was typing on......Thank You Very Much!
  • To winter.  For teasing me last week with your warm temperatures and sunshine, only to revert back to your old self this week with single digit temperatures and snow.....Thank You Very Much.
  • On a related note:  To my skin.  For drying out like a raisin every winter and causing my cheeks to flake, my finger to split and the rest of me to itch like crazy......Thank You Very Much.
  • To Quinn.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  you know why......Thank You Very Much.
Happy Thursday!


Kmama said...

I shouldn't laugh, but I am because I totally feel your pain on your skin drying out. I swear this year has been the worst in a long time. And WTH with the warm temps last week and COLD this week. I almost died today it was so cold.

Thanks for linking up!

Danielle said...

That is the only reason winter and I do not get along. That dry skin is horrid. Stopping by from Kmama's. Good thank yous!


Momma Pixie said...

The dry skin makes me nuts and my hands hurt so bad from it. Grrr! I am so ready for spring.

Rachel said...

Blogger is driving me nuts lately too!

BTW - I love your header - it is darling!

Rudy Rukus said...

We are all apparently thanking winter today haha!!