Monday, April 12, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

I am pretty worn out today and don't have it in me to be entertaining, so all you're gonna get are the basics.

My dog buried a bone (rawhide stick.....close enough) in the backyard today.  For some reason, I find that very amusing.  I should have known, since I've caught her hiding stuff under piles of pillows, bed covers and other "diggable" areas and then pawing them out, but I was still surprised when I saw her doing it.

I need to cut my bangs.

We have two different school field trips this week.

I am so far behind on updating my photo blog that I am now dreading doing it.  On top of the fact that I've been too busy to even take my camera out of it's case most days.  So now instead of being something fun it's just another thing to stress me out.  ARG!

We watched the movie The Hurt Locker this weekend.  It was good.  The guy who starred in it was much better looking with his shaved army hair than with his long civilian hair.  I have concluded that I like very very short/shaved hair on guys.

Elizabeh has taken to to listeing to the radio every night when she falls asleep.  She mostly listens to The John Tesh show.  Ha!  Intelligence for her life, right?

Elizabeth's First Communion is less than two weeks away.  And the dog somehow found one of her new shoes and chewed on it.

I sort of want an iPhone.  I do want an iPad.

I am out of thoughts for tonight.  Heading to bed.

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Michelle Pixie said...

Oh girly don't let your camera be your chore...just give it a minute and breath and when you are ready you'll pick it up again! ;-)

I love that your dog is burried her bone. Then again if she was digging in my yard maybe not so much. =)