Friday, April 16, 2010

Excused Absence

Just wanted to warn all of you (yes, I know......maybe 7 or 8 of you, but still), I am going to be somewhat absent for the next week-ish.

Here's what I have on for the coming days:

Saturday:  Order cake for Elizabeth's 1st Communion.  Buy new shoes to replace the ones that the dog chewed up for Elizabeth's 1st Communion.  Go through all the junk I piled in a box to clear off the kitchen counter/table/baker's rack and find places for everything.  Buy a new spring coat for myself.  Prepare for interview*.

*More on this new development below.

Sunday:  Church.  CCD for Elizabeth.  1st Communion Retreat with Elizabeth.  Prepare for interview.

Monday:  Work.  Prepare for interview.

Tuesday:  Work.  Prepare for interview.

Wednesday:  Work.  Prepare for interview.

Thursday:  Work.  1st round of interviews.  Science Night at school.

Friday:  OFF!  Clean house for 1st Communion Party.  Kid's Fun Run.

Saturday:  1st Communion!  Party at my house.

Sunday:  CCD.  Prepare for next round of interviews.

Monday:  Work.  2nd round of interviews.

So.  As you can see, lots going on.  I do have ALL sorts of stuff to tell you about when I have a chance:

Elizabeth's Field Trip
Alexandra's Field Trip
The 2nd grader that was EXPELLED from Elizabeth's school (her locker partner as a matter of fact!)

As far as the interview goes:  another position was posted at my work a couple of weeks ago.  Unlike the other one I interviewed for, this one sounds like something I would be good at, and I think I would really enjoy it.  So after hemming and hawing for a while, I decided to submit to it (that's what the process is called at my company), knowing that I would at least get to interview for it.

Well, I found out today that I will, and not only do I get to talk to about 8 different people on 5 different occassions (seriously!), I also have to prepare a power point presentation to tell about myself, my education and my experience.  GAH!

I typically try to keep it G to PG rated around here, but:  OH SHIT!

So, I will be spending my evenings trying to come up with something that's not too flashy and obnoxious, but also not too boring and dry.  You know - like me!

I'll check back when I can, and thanks for hanging out till I do!


Michelle Pixie said...

Oh I am so excited for you! I am glad you decided to go for the job. Keeping everything crossed here for you. ;-)

Can't wait to hear about the 2nd grader that got expelled?!

Tell Elizabeth congrats and we will hear from ya when you get back!

Foursons said...

Good luck!